My biggest hobby is traveling, both in Israel and abroad.

let me invite you to join me - On this website you can find ideas

 or we can help design a trip that will be especially for you.

So come on in and enjoy discovering how beautiful Israel is

and how much diversity exists within it


About Me

My name is Shai Nahon and I've been organizing and running campaigns all over the world since 1981. The first trip I took part in was all across Europe, USA and Canada with my parents in a cute little trailer. I was eighteen months old back than. The years have passed since but the travel fever I caught during that journey has not.

I was 12 or so when I went on my first overseas adventure without my parents as I joined a delegation to France. At the age of 18, before joining the military, I sailed to Cyprus with my girlfriend and have been traveling all over the world ever since.

customized tours



And in the words of one of the greatest hikers: 


"I believe there is no better way to feel the connection to Eretz Yisrael (The Land of Israel) than to walk it's length and breadth, across it's valleys, challenge it's mountaintops and hike it's trails, even the most forsaken ones.

Only when you walk the expanse of land by foot; 

Absorb the sweet perfume of it's landscape and see with your own eyes;

It's ancient ruins and modern cities, Only then can you feel the real connection to the Land of Israel And see yourself a son of this land"


(Ze'ev Vilnai, The conection to the Land of Israel)


In recent years we have planned and executed numerous varied tours. The tours have all been customized to the customer's demands and were built with great care after consulting them in regards to the content delivered, the sights chosen, guiding style and more. We pride ourselves today on being able to plan and execute almost any style of tour you can imagine in the land of Israel and we would love to do it with you.

We can plan the Itinerary, reserve Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Transportation (Helicopter, Bus, Minibus or VIP vehicle), Security if necessary and naturally the Guiding itself. If you do not wish to receive the full package from us but rather get only some of the services that is absolutely possible as well.


Option A - 1st and 2nd Temple era as well as Judaism:

This tour allows you a better and deeper understanding of the history of Jerusalem as well as the various stages of the Temple complex. Incredibly recommended for any Jewish or Christian visitors to the country.


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