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 My name is Shai Nahon and I've been organizing and running campaigns all over the world since 1981. The first trip I took part in was all across Europe, USA and Canada with my parents in a cute little trailer. I was eighteen months old back than. The years have passed since but the travel fever I caught during that journey has not.

I was 12 or so when I went on my first overseas adventure without my parents as I joined a delegation to France. At the age of 18, before joining the military, I sailed to Cyprus with my girlfriend and have been traveling all over the world ever since.

After finishing my military service I went, like so many others before me, on a motorcycle trip thru India. I bought an aging 350cc "Enfield" motorcycle that was manufactured back in 1973 and was therefore 6 years older than me and plowed on it's back the south of India without maps or guidebooks.

In 2003, continuing my journey in India, I flew to mainland Australia where I hitchhiked the wonderful Australian desert areas and got to know the native Aboriginal tribes and the west coast. There I caught the bug - the love of diving and the sea.

In 2006 I went with my wife on the "Israel Trail" trek during which we were exposed to the rare beauty and diversity of the country.

In 2007 I left Israel and moved to the United States, the land of opportunity. I traveled the United States from California to Florida, from Florida to North Carolina and Carolina to Maryland and I stayed there for a total of 4 years.

During that time I went with my wife for a backpacking trip in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. During which we made special efforts to reach every off the beaten trail area we could in order to meet tribal communities still living in a hunter – gatherer way of life.

In 2010 we went on our flag trip, my big dream, Japan China and Tibet. All my life I have read and dreamed about samurai and always wanted to go and see the wonderful places described in the book "Shogun". Indeed we realized this dream too. During this trip we were exposed to amazing and ancient cultures and different and special religions.

During my journey across Australia I really wanted to go to New Zealand but my pockets were empty my dream remained unrealized until in 2011 we decided to fulfill it. We moved to Auckland in the northern Island of New Zealand and lived there for about six months, during which we traveled and trekked the Islands of New Zealand and explored it thru and thru.

My travels, of course, are still far from over, and my dreams only become more unattainable - now I strive for a march across the frozen continent of Antarctica and to climb to the top of Mount Everest.

Upon our return to Israel in 2012, I remembered how much I love this country and how it is literally dripping history and meaning, and I decided I had to share my love of travel and my love for this amazing place with others. It was than that I decided to start and engage in a professional manner in what I was actually doing most of my life - guiding tours.

Today I am a certified tour guide and deal in this field completely. I'm proud of my ability to build a trip that would be suitable for everyone according to the different demands and desires of his or her heart and needs.

I would be happy to lead you on a unique trip thru this country's yellow deserts and green hills, between the world of the Bible and modernity, between different minorities who share the country with us, thru the complex alleyways of Jerusalem and to help you understand the linkages of the three major religions to the remarkable country of Israel.  


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